Highlights from Fall 2019

Although it is still technically Fall season until the 21st of December, I think we can all agree that outside has shifted more towards the Winter aesthetic. As I look out the window, I can see one crispy brown leafed tree surrounded by a forest of barren twigs slightly frosted with snow.

The colors of fall have disappeared and we are left to enjoy the occasional pop of an evergreen. I’ve always wondered why there weren’t more evergreens around. It would surely help with the inevitable seasonal depression that presents itself during the colder, barren months ( But that is a topic in and of itself for another post).

Anyway, I’ve taken so many great photos this Fall  and decided to make a post showing my favorite ones.


This beautiful pumpkin sits on the front step as the leaves blow around in the autumn breeze.


Me indulging in my fascination of leaves.
Beautiful trees at Hop Brook Park.
Me, taking in all of the beauty.
Hop Brook Lake, with leaf.
Hop Brook Lake, without leaf.
It’s crunch time !

My babies cuddled up in their favorite fall blanket.



My favorite leaf.
A glimpse at my beloved Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew as I leave Starbucks.
First drop of snow in Ohio, early November 2019.

Thanks for visiting ! 🙂

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