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The Jamaica Chronicles: A Weekend in Negril Part II.

Before reading, please check out A Weekend in Negril Part 1 here.

The following morning was just as relaxing. We woke up at the crack of dawn and filled up on fruits before returning to the beach for another day of swimming. The water was a little on the chilly side this morning and it took awhile for me to build up the courage to walk in.

There was a lot of action taking place on the water this morning. As the sun began to rise, I noticed what appeared to be fishermen on their boats heading  out to deeper waters. There were also birds that followed and did some fishing as well. At one point it even looked like one of the fishermen was getting attacked by the birds for his fish lol. 

The sun was fully out now and warming up the sea. We started to get hungry and headed towards the dining area to see if we could order breakfast. I put in an order for scrambled eggs with bacon ,toast, and a cup of coffee. I was told it would take about 15-20 mins and decided to return for a swim while my meal was being prepared.

Yes, I know it sounds a bit extreme but you have to understand that it had been 6 years since I’d been to a white sand beach, and didn’t know the next time I’d return.

After floating around for what felt like 15 minutes, I returned to the  dining area and my breakfast was just about ready.

My delicious breakfast

The food was delicious. I feel like you can never go wrong with ordering eggs and bacon. The coffee was nice and strong, just the way I like it.


After having breakfast, I decided to take some time and walk off the food. I made it maybe about a mile or two, walking along the shoreline and observing the other beach goers.

Shortly after, I spotted a stingray in the water!

At first I screamed, but then ran to get my phone to take a picture.

Swim along.

Such an unexpected beauty.

Later on in the day as our tummies began to rumble, we decided to go out on the town and have a nice dinner at another restaurant.

We decided on Pushcart. I was not familiar with the restaurant at the time, but once there, I recognized the view.  It was very interesting to learn about the history of Push Cart and how the name came to be. Unfortunately, I cannot find the information that I received on its history while at the restaurant so I do not want to go off memory and give misinformation. But from my understanding, the name “Pushcart” came from a time back in the 1950’s.

During this time, ska music was born, and it was popular for people to play this music using mobile sound systems throughout different neighborhoods. While this was happening, people would also sell their delicious food samples to the people enjoying the festivities. They were able to keep things mobile by pushing them on carts. ( Don’t completely quote me on this).


Stunning view from across our table.

We arrived a bit early before dinner was ready, so we ordered appetizers to hold us over until the dinner menu was available.

I’d definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves a good water view.  I mean I could have literally spent the day just gazing out into the crisp blue waters. It was such a beautiful view and also entertaining because I got to watch several people fall of their paddle boards and continuously attempt to get back on with no success.


I went with the jerk sausage under the  ” likkle bikkle” part of the menu. It was super tasty and so was the dipping sauce.


After a good wait, my beloved fried chicken meal arrived, with the sauce on the side. 🙂

I’d give this restaurant 5/5 stars. The view was absolutely beautiful, the staff was super friendly, and the food was delicious.

Afterwards we returned to the resort and marinated in the water until sunset. By this point I could feel myself growing fins. haha.

Me and my sis in the distance taking in the last bit of sun before total darkness lol.

After sunset, we washed up for what felt like the tenth time that day, changed into our evening wear and made our way to the bar.

I am not much of a drinker, so the dirty banana that I ordered would have sufficed. Instead, I decided to push it and also get a long island iced tea. Mainly because I’ve never had once before. I retired to my room for the night shortly after.

What can I say, it was great end to a wonderful weekend trip.


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    1. Yes! It was such a lovely surprise! Have you ever seen one up close at the beach? It was my first time but I was told that they do occasionally come to the shore.

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