A Morning Stroll Through Northwest Park.

I’ve spent so many years solely focused on the winter, that I decided this year to embrace the fall. So from the moment I saw the first leaf change,  I pulled out my camera and got to snapping.

I made it a mission to go outside a few times a week and even bought a few Fall inspired outfits to complement.

A few weeks ago, I accompanied a good friend of mine for a quiet morning stroll through Northwest Park.

Northwest Park is a recreational area located in Manchester, Connecticut. There is access to a playground, multiple hiking trails, a fishing pier, sand volleyball courts, and much much more.


We stopped by the swing set for awhile. My inner child jumped out and I used the swing for a few minutes. Who says its only for kids anyway? It was so relaxing. We spend so much time being “adults” and forget to explore our inner child. It is within that we can discover the little things that make us happy.








Afterwards, a stroll through the garden.







It was nice getting out of the house and getting some fresh air amongst the trees and water. I had a great time and would definitely visit again.

A perfect end to a perfect day.

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