The Kitchen Chronicles: My First Omelette…Officially..

I am not embarrassed to admit that I’ve made it this far in life and have never successfully made an omelette. Funny enough, the first time that I ever used a stove was to fry an egg. You would think from there I would work my way up to mastering the omelette but, nope. I began experimenting with my fried eggs by adding more ingredients each time. I even remember one time, thinking it would be a great idea to throw a few leaves of lettuce into the frying pan with my egg. (I was about 7yrs old btw) BIG MISTAKE. It tasted so awful.The sad thing is, I was so proud of my new creation, that I took a picture of this concoction prior to tasting it. If I ever come across it again, I’d be more than happy to upload it for us all to have a good laugh.

Anyway, the real reason that I never truly learned to make an omelette, well at least the correct way, is because I always assumed it was something only a skilled chef could master. So I just stuck to making scrambled eggs with added ingredients and called it an omelette. Over time, I started viewing omelettes as a treat and if I wanted to have one, I would go out and treat myself.

Due to the pandemic, I’ve spent pretty much every day for the past year at home. I had more time to spend in the kitchen since the only commute I was making was to my laptop in my home office.This has allowed me to improve my cooking skills tremendously. I’ve experimented with probably about 30 or so new recipes and have been successful with most of them. I started off small with simple recipes that I already knew and wanted to improve on. I later worked my way up to trying new ones that I was completely unfamiliar with. Learning to make an omelette was already something high on my list, but it wasn’t until I had the most delicious omelette the other day, that I decided to finally learn how to make it for myself.

I spent the last few days searching online for the perfect omelette recipe. I binged a few videos on Youtube and decided that I was ready to finally make one. Based on the information provided in the videos, I realized a few mistakes that I made in the past when attempting to make an omelette. The first one was adding raw vegetables in the pan with the eggs and expecting them to cook through properly by the time the egg was done. All I did was end up over cooking the eggs, to still bite into hard uncooked vegetables. The second mistake that I’ve made is overly stirring the eggs in the pan and causing them to be scrambled instead. Lastly, one of the many other mistakes was that I was adding milk which has been said to make the mixture extra runny. This time, I planned on avoiding these common mistakes in hopes of making the perfect omelette.

Here’s how I made my first official omelette.

Step 1:

First I gathered all of my ingredients. Based on the information I received from the videos that I binged, I decided to use a shallot instead of an onion. Apparently it’s sweeter and ‘delicately’ flavored. The other ingredients used were peppers (red, green, yellow), 3 eggs (whisked), 4 pork sausages ( l will use only 2 next time), a dash of black pepper and finally cooking oil/spray. I only cut off a small piece of the shallot and peppers. Then diced them and added them together in a bowl.

Step 2:

I started off by heating up up my smaller frying pan and added about a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. After about a minute or so, I added the diced shallot and peppers. After the veggies started to cook, I added pieces of sausage. The sausage was originally from the freezer so I microwaved it for about a minute in a microwave safe bowl with about 2 tablespoons of water. Once everything started to brown, I removed the pan from the burner and set it to the side.

On the left is the cooking spray I used for the eggs. On the right is the olive oil that I used for the sausage and peppers.

Step 3:

I cracked each egg separately and then added them together into a bowl. I did this to prevent ruining the other eggs in case there was a bad one. I learned to do this after a traumatizing experience I had after cracking an egg that was a little too ‘developed’.

After adding them to the bowl, I sprinkled some cracked black pepper and whisked away.

Step 4:

After heating up my larger frying pan, I sprayed and coated the entire pan with butter flavored cooking spray. I allowed that to heat up and then slowly poured in my whisked eggs. I kept the heat on medium and used a spatula to lift the corners as they began to form and harden. Once it appeared to be mostly cooked, I added my sautéed sausage with veggies on one side, and then my favorite shredded cheese blend (Monterey Jack, Cheddar, and Oaxaca)on the other side. I then placed the cover over the pan to create some steam and allow the top of the eggs to finish cooking.

The Final Product

So once I could see that the egg was fully cooked, I turned off the burner and removed the pan cover.

Okay, so here is where I messed up.

It was time for me to give it a fold. Once I had added the sausage to the pan, I realized it was too much and already knew that this would cause some difficulties. I originally wanted to do a two fold omelette so it would be nice and cute but realized it was too stuffed and I’d have to settle with one fold. I came in a little too strong with the spatula and ended up breaking the fold in half. I tried my best to cover the botchery with cheese but the split is still quite obvious lol.

My delicious omelette paired with my favorite cup of coffee. (Jamaican Blue Mountain)

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with my first real attempt at making an omelette. I’d give this omelette a 7/10 for appearance but 10/10 for flavor. I will definitely be making this again soon.

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  1. Proud of your efforts Jem ! The next time we are together , I wish to show you a few tips and tricks .


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