A Night Out in East Village : Prelude

I did not originally plan to write about my birthday. Mainly because I did not want to make any new posts until I finished my Cruise Chronicles. Although blogging is one of my passions, it has been put on the back burner for these past few months due to my hectic work schedule which has now doubled due to the pandemic.  Nevertheless, I’ve finally been able to regroup and evaluate what’s important in my life and blogging is high on the list.

For a moment, I forgot how much I enjoyed writing and reflecting on my thoughts, taking pictures and videos of what I see and experience in my daily life.  I don’t ever want to reach the point where my professional life takes away from my creativity and leaves me feeling uninspired in my down time.

While feeling stuck with my Cruise Chronicles, I added to my 30+ drafts and decided to start writing about my birthday. I thought maybe taking a different direction would help with the flow of my creative juices.

As the days have gone by, I’ve been thinking its just been a few days or weeks. To my surprise when I opened my drafts, I gasped as I read ” last edited on 3/30″! What!??!? How did the time fly like this?

So I’ve decided no more putting it off until the next day and so, without further ado, I present to you, A Night Out in East Village.

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