New Year, New Me…

I want to start off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year filled with joy and success!

Now is a time for one to reflect on 2019 and also to plan ahead on what one may hope for the new year to bring.

Usually, every year around this time I sit down and write my New Year’s Resolution. Within this list, I include an unrealistic set of goals that I wish to complete. Not unrealistic in the sense that they are completely un-doable, but they are within the time frame that I give myself. So this year I am starting off small. No more lists of 20+ goals including wanting to become fluent in 3 languages within 6 months.

I set 3 goals and 3 alone.


1.) Be a better cook.

I feel like for the time that I’ve been living on my own, I should be a master chef by now. I’ve been living solo for almost 3 years now and can probably only make about 5 good meals that can pass as decent. I  have no excuse for why my cooking skills are where they are. I’ve had all of this free time to practice and experiment with different recipes but instead spent most of my evenings ordering Uber Eats. NO MORE, I say. I vow to cook a new recipe once a week….well..maybe once every two weeks. By the time 2021 rolls around I am hoping to perfect at least 10 new recipes.

2.) Spend more time with loved ones.

This one has always been on my list for obvious reasons. Part of what makes life fun and livable is the connections and memories that we make with those special people who are a part of our lives. Work consumed so much of my life and after quitting my full time job at the end of September, I was able to reconnect with people who I hadn’t seen or spoken to in months.  It made the last 3 months of the year feel like a year in itself as I spent most of the time hanging out with friends and family. The days don’t seem to pass by as quickly when you aren’t watching the clock and waiting for the work day to be over. As long as my schedule still allows, I am hoping to spend even more time with them this coming year.

3.) Keep working towards my goals.

This is one that I have struggled with. Sometimes it feels like it isn’t enough to just believe in myself and I get discouraged , but I realize now that as long as I keep consistent, progress will always be made. So for 2020 my plan is to keep pushing forward and focusing only on the positive things that I want for myself.




Thanks for visiting, I am interested in hearing what some of your goals are for 2020, if you feel like sharing, please comment below. 🙂

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