The Jamaica Chronicles : Day two

My second day was more relaxing than anything.

I woke up to the sounds of the rooster crowing. I stepped out onto the veranda, and noticed the sun rising over the mountain. The air was cool and misty. I made my way down to the front gate and admired the view.


I can’t tell the last time that I was able to watch the sun rise over a mountain.






Ackee & Saltfish with Breadfruit.

A traditional Jamaican breakfast, compliments of the chef (my aunt).




I spent the late morning and early afternoon walking around the yard and taking pictures.


These are of some of the coconut trees in the backyard.

I loved the pink walls on the veranda. The walls were white during my previous visit.



I can see that the love for plants runs in the family, which reminds me that I should make a post about my houseplants soon.




Spotted a few goats across the street.


I decided to get a closer look.




I made a friend that day. She was so sweet but shy. I decided that I’d call her Milkshake.


Spotted a critter on the picture frame.

I may or may not have orchestrated a photo shoot on the veranda with freshly picked ackee from the tree in the backyard.



Milkshake enjoying her afternoon nap.

So green and lush.

In my next post, I will be sharing my experiences in Negril that following weekend. You can watch a short clip of what that was like here. Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn on notifications so that you will be alerted when a new video is uploaded. 

My channel will be about lifestyle and geared towards travel, home decor, and self improvement/motivation.

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