My Love/Hate Relationship with Dunkin’ Donuts.

My love for Dunkin hasn’t been the same ever since they removed my beloved sandwich from the menu over a year ago.
I was devastated by the news. I had grown tiresome of all of the egg sandwiches and had no desire to eat them. There was just something off about the taste and texture of the eggs. I feel the same way about McDonald’s but at least they have the substitution of “round egg”.  Anywhoo…. back to Dunkin. Although I was over their egg sandwiches, I still visited a few times a week for a coffee. I have heard so many people over the years bash the taste of Dunkin’s coffee, but like I’ve always said, you’ve got to know how to order it. I would always go for a Hazelnut with cream only. Hot or iced depending on my mood and time of the day.  I have since switched to Toasted Almond.

So on one particular day it was very crowded and I had to stand in line (There was no drive thru at this location). While waiting on line, I started reading through the menu as an attempt to kill some time. I noticed a sandwich that I had never seen before. Turkey Cheddar Bacon Ciabatta. I thought hmmmm interesting. I like all four ingredients. When it became my turn to order, I decided to try it out. I was asked if I’d like it with Chipotle sauce and I said sure.  I paid for my sandwich and frolicked to my car. Once in my car, I proceeded to unwrap and then dig into my sandwich. OMG, DELICIOUS! I am not even exaggerating. For the next 7 or so months, I became a regular and ordered that sandwich probably about 6 times a week.  It was like clockwork. I also ditched the coffee and started drinking their green tea, with lemon of course. As time went on, I realized that I was wasting all of my money on this sandwich and decided to take a break.  I felt that I could probably even make the sandwich myself for cheaper at home. I am not sure what I did wrong but the sandwich I ended up making just wasn’t quite the same. Anyway after that, months went by without my beloved sandwich.  A few months into 2018, I decided that I was ready to return to my one true love. I pulled in to the drive thru with confidence and demanded my Turkey Cheddar Bacon on a Ciabatta at once!  I was met back with laughter. I didn’t understand what was so humorous. I was told that they no longer served that sandwich. Oh, I thought.  I ordered a plain bagel with cream cheese and bacon and went on my way.

Later that week, I attempted to order that same sandwich at a different location and was given the same answer. Once I realized what was happening, I immediately got angry. No they did NOT permanently remove my favorite sandwich from the menu!  I grabbed my phone and immediately went to google.  There I learned that it had been discontinued for low sales, and I thought what?? How were people not ordering this? Maybe if they would add a picture of it on the menu people would actually know that it existed. I also learned that it was discontinued the first week of 2018. I then understood why that worker in the drive thru found my order to be so amusing.

It has been a year since its removal from the menu, and I am still healing.  Moral of the story, enjoy all the things that you love while you still have them!


I am glad to see some changes on the menu. Today I decided to give the Power Breakfast Sandwich a go. I mean it’s still an egg sandwich, but the combination of spinach, peppers, onion, and turkey sausage gives it a little personality. If you have already tried it out, tell me what you think.

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