Fun Things to do in Boston

At the end of the summer, I took a weekend trip to Boston with a good friend of mine. I believe it was their first visit, and it was my second time visiting this wonderful city. We decided to try and fit as much into our schedule as possible so that we could get the most out of Boston with the two days we would be spending. With that being said, I have come up with a list of fun things to do while in Boston!

1. Grab a bite to eat.

You can’t go to Boston and not sample the seafood! There are so many different places to sample from.  The first place that I tried as soon as I got off the bus was James Hook & Co. They have a variety of food choices on their menu. I went with the lobster roll and loved it. It was only a few minutes’ walk from the bus terminal.  The following morning, I had brunch at Bostonia Public House followed by a few drinks. The food was delicious. I ordered the Lobster Mac n Cheese which was lobster served with three cheese mornay and herb breadcrumbs. My friend had the Shaved Benton’s Virginia Country Ham. That came with a buttermilk biscuit, red pepper jelly, two cage free poached eggs and Lyonnaise potatoes. I would definitely recommend stopping there to grab a bite.

Lobster Mac n Cheese
Shaved Benton’s Virginia Country Ham.
Lobster Roll from James Hook & Co.

2. Take a Stroll and admire the beauty.

One of my favorite memories from my visit was simply walking around and taking in all of the beauty. I have always loved the calmness that I feel by being close to open waters. While walking around, I walked over a few bridges, saw a few landmarks and  admired the wonderful architecture of the buildings.


3. Go on a cruise.

There are a variety of cruises/boat rides  available in Boston. I was able to book a few using Expedia. Most of the cruises are available in the morning and afternoon, with a few in the late evening into the night. I absolutely love being out on the water, so I had to experience both day and night.  At this time, a typical 30-90 min guided cruise of Boston Harbor ranges from $26-$31. Cruises with more activities and food selection went from $60-$91.  There is also an option of  going whale watching. The whales are usually seen from April- October.

Beautiful view of Boston Harbor while on the Constitution cruise.
Boston Harbor
More shots of Boston Harbor while on the cruise.



Two words, Open Bar.


4. Explore the museums.

Luckily for us, one of the cruises that we booked was the USS Constitution Cruise. It was about an hour long and made a stop at the museum where we were able to hop off and explore while also getting to tour the ship.  We had about an hour after hopping off to explore the museum and the actual USS Constitution.

First lieutenant uniform 1813 at the USS Constitution Museum

5. Take great photos!

Please, don’t get so caught up in living in the moment that you neglect taking photos! There is nothing better than looking back on the photos taken and experiencing the trip all over again!

If you have already visited Boston, what were some of the activities that you enjoyed?



Please take a moment to enjoy some of these lovely shots taken throughout the city.



6 responses to “Fun Things to do in Boston”

  1. Great inspiration for visiting Boston! I have been in the past and enjoyed the aquarium and a Red Sox game. Now I will have to go back and try a cruise!!

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  2. Outside of Boston on our last cruise I enjoyed the Kennedy Library and the John Adams Historic site the most.I would recommend out write short captions for each picture you post.

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