A Day Well Spent in Bethlehem: Part I- March Farm

To continue on with the fall festivities, I invited my parents to a day out exploring Bethlehem, Connecticut. This was a little over a week after the Garlic & Harvest Festival.

I did a little research prior and saw that March Farm seemed to be a big deal in Bethlehem, so I put that on the top of the list. For outings so close to home, I usually like to wing it so I figured after visiting March Farm, we would find something else close by to do.

After officially entering the town of Bethlehem, we spent some time walking around on Main Street and then stopping by the Public Library. I figured this would be the best place to ask about local activities that might not have been available online.

The kind woman at the front desk greeted me as soon as I entered and introduced herself. Unfortunately, I am terrible with names and literally forgot it by the time I walked out the door. Yes, I know, definitely something I need to work on. Anywhoo… I explained to her that this was my second time visiting Bethlehem with my first time being at a festival the previous week, so I was interested in learning more about the town and also what activities were available.

She mentioned that there was a Vineyard close by but was unsure if it was open on this particular day during the week. She also mentioned March Farm, which I told her was already my next stop. She then mentioned of an indoor flea market that was also close by and suggested that I check it out. I thanked her and went on my way.

I met back up with my parents outside and we decided on checking out the flea market after visiting the farm.

I was so happy to now be a passenger and get to fully enjoy the views of the landscape as we drove along through the town. Bethlehem is indeed a picturesque town.

We finally approached what appeared to be the entrance for March Farm but after a few minutes of driving I was getting concerned that we somehow went the wrong way even though it was a straight road. Eventually we pulled up a hill and I could see all of the apple trees in the distance and also a building with a sign reading, “March Farm”.

Based off of what I read on the website, March Farm is a fourth-generation family farm destination that offers family friendly activities including seasonal Pick Your Own fruits & berries.

After parking, we went inside The Farm Store & Bakery and did a little shopping. Everything was practically pumpkin spice and apple cider. One of the many reasons why I love the fall. My parents didn’t hesitate to grab the shopping basket and start grabbing through the produce and then moved on to the pastries.

Afterwards I stood outside to take pictures of the trees and pretty flowers. It was a nice chilly fall day. There were moments of cloudiness, but the bright skies still pushed through.

Across the road there was a house with a bunch of spooky decorations. I asked one of the staff members if it was okay to go over there a take pictures and was told it was fine, that’s what the setup was for.

The mini photoshoot really put me in the mood for Halloween which was only about a week or so away. It made me want to start planning for spooky festivities. I even used some of the footage I took that day to make a Spooky Halloween video.

Before leaving, I wanted to check out the Pondside Animal Yard and say hi to the little cuties. We were met with some sheep and goat facts before moving along to the animals.

There were three cute goats chewing on their little hay pieces (whatever you call it). They were so cute but unfortunately, I didn’t get to touch them as there was a sign explicitly warning not to. So instead, I just admired them from a distance.

I definitely enjoyed my time at March Farm. I’d give it a 10/10. Next time I’ll go during apple season, so I’d get to pick some apples.

To watch a short video on how our day went, please click here.

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