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A Fun-Filled Day at the Harwinton Fair!

To continue with my quest, I moved on to #3 on my list. The Harwinton Fair. It was my first time going, but my friend had been there several times prior. I couldn’t find too many pictures or videos online so I was unsure of what to expect.

The Harwinton Fair is an annual fair that takes place in Harwinton, Connecticut. According to the website, this year marks the 164th year but there is also written record from 1853. Originally known as Harwinton Cattle Show and Fair, the Harwinton Fair offers a variety of entertainment.

The journey to the fair was not an easy one, but after about an hour drive, we pulled into the fairgrounds. There was a long line of traffic ahead of us being directed to the parking area which was quite a distance from the entrance. After getting a spot, we made our way to the fair. Admission was $10 per person but children under the age of 12 got in for free.

Our first stop was at the Main Exhibit Building.

While inside, we were able to see arts & crafts and farmed goods being showcased. All of the crops looked impressive, and I thought the celery plant looked beautiful. I will admit, it took me awhile to identify what it was.

After looking around at everything in the building, we headed outside to explore around.

The first vendor to catch my eye was the Taco Shack. I could smell the deliciousness from a mile away. I was not yet feeling hungry so I looked through the menu while my friend made her order.

We continued on exploring the grounds and went into the cattle barn. The cows were huge, but friendly. They mostly just laid there relaxing and chewing as we walked around. There was a sign asking for us not to touch the animals, so unfortunately I did not get to pet any of the cows. 😦

Afterwards we visited about 2 or 3 other buildings. One for sure was called Draft Horses. I am unsure of the names of the others but one had small animals, like chicken and rabbits in cages. The other had sheep, goats, and llamas.We were able to pet a few of these animals.

Inside the Draft Horse building, we saw about 3 horses. Each of which were standing in their own section and seemed to be friendly. On the opposite side, There were carriages.

After leaving the barn, we discovered a cute little secluded garden and decided to check it out. It was so beautiful. There was a narrow walkway that almost looped around. It also had a bench by the water which made nice for a photoshoot.

By this time I started to feel peckish and had my first meal. I went with the bacon cheese burger. My friend moved on to her second sampling and had the fried pickle chips.

I also discovered that there is such a thing as garlic in chocolate and bought a bag. The woman selling the pretzels let me know that she would also be at the Garlic Festival the following week. This was of course now added to my list. I was truly surprised at how well the toasted garlic complemented the chocolate covered pretzel.

Our final food stop was at the Grilled Cheeze stand. No complaints.

Overall, I had a great experience at the Harwinton Fair. There was good music, food and activities. I am looking forward to visiting again next time.


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