Bath & Body Works run with my sister <3

Here is a story of how a quick store run turned into a mini shopping spree.

Like the shopping addicts that we are, my sister and I decided to make a last minute trip to Bath & Body Works to use a coupon that was about to expire to buy items that we didn’t need.

The coupon that we originally had in mind was for 20% off your entire purchase. It was intended for  a candle that I have been obsessed with and wanted my sister to try it out.

The most delicious candle that I have ever smelled. Almond is her name.img_1923

We made it just in time to grab  the last candle.

I thought our mission was complete but little did I know, I was sadly mistaken. 

Somehow we became separated during our walk to the register. For those of you that have ever been inside a Bath & Body Works know that the stores are not that large. So how this happened, I do not know. Where the heck did she disappear to? I continued walking towards the register thinking maybe she got there before me. Nope. There was no sign of her. I circled back around the store and finally saw her. Oh no, I thought. She was chatting it up with a sales associate who appeared to be handing her a shopping bag. I raced over there and tried to break up the interaction. I failed.

It’s buy 3 get 3 free she said to me. I begged and pleaded with her. We got the candle that we came for, there’s no need for anything else. If I pick up 3 body creams, you can get 3 free, she said to me. Fine. I was sold.


We scattered around the store in search of our 3 perfect body creams. When we found them we decided that was it and joined the line.

While waiting on line, a customer who had just completed her purchase showed me a coupon for $5 on any body cream that she wasn’t able to use. She said it expired today. I allowed her to place it in my hand.

Damn It, I thought. At first I tried to resist, but my addiction would not allow me. I dropped my bag and ran back to the body cream section and started quickly browsing for another body cream which smelled delicious. I decided on Lavender Honey and made my way back to the line.

While I was completing my scavenger hunt, my sister discovered the $10 off sale on 3 wick candles and helped herself to two more.

img_1925Both candles smelled great.

She also grabbed a few wall flower refills. All I could do was laugh. We did the exact same thing that we swore we wouldn’t do.  Maybe next time we will do better.

But in all seriousness, that Almond candle is truly something special. If you haven’t tried it out yet please at least give it a sniff on your next visit before its gone! I promise you wont regret it. 🙂



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