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Happy International Cat Day! ❤️

It has just been brought to my attention that today is #InternationalCatDay . So , I wanted to take the time to share some photos of my two little troublemakers .         Everyday should be International Cat Day so I'd have an excuse to spam pics of them all day long. Thanks… Continue reading Happy International Cat Day! ❤️

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An afternoon in Pier A Park

I spent the afternoon in Pier A Park.  This lovely park is located in Hoboken, New Jersey.  I made my way to the park by catching the 126 bus from Port Authority Bus Terminal. Pier A Park was the last stop. I enjoyed the bus ride and regret not taking any photos because of the… Continue reading An afternoon in Pier A Park

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Smorgasburg 2019

Today I spent the afternoon in New York City. I decided to go to Smorgasburg. This was my second time going, with my first time being  last year. Smorgasburg is a food market that takes place on the weekends from April - November. Thousands of people visit each weekend and eat from 100 local vendors.… Continue reading Smorgasburg 2019

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I Ate Healthy On a Budget For 2 weeks, Here’s What Happened.

I’d first like to start off with a disclaimer.  I am not a licensed health food expert, and I understand that some of the foods mentioned in this post  are not all ideally “healthy” food options.  But compared to what I was eating before, this was a drastic change and a “healthier” alternative to my… Continue reading I Ate Healthy On a Budget For 2 weeks, Here’s What Happened.

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Beware of MUKBANG!

Ironically enough, I was only on YouTube in an attempt to better my lifestyle. It was a Saturday evening; I had just finished a long shift at work and decided to chill out for the rest of the day. I hopped on my bed, pulled out my tablet, and started browsing through my recommended videos… Continue reading Beware of MUKBANG!

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Last Day in Amsterdam.

Although our trip was packed full of excitement, I have to say my last day in Amsterdam was my absolute favorite. It was super chill and relaxing. Sometimes I tend to get overwhelmed when following a tight schedule, or any schedule at all. It really depends on my familiarity with the area. We spent the… Continue reading Last Day in Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam: Day Three.

I woke up that morning feeling super refreshed. I think I actually had a natural euphoric high. I had been having such a great time on my trip that the joy within me just kept building up. While my friend was getting ready, I went down to the lobby to buy a cup of coffee.… Continue reading Amsterdam: Day Three.

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Amsterdam: Day Two.

First on the Itinerary for day two was brunch. One of the places that we researched and found excellent reviews on was The Pancake Bakery. Before even booking my flight, I decided I was going to taste one of those delectable looking pancakes. There was already a small mob formed outside the door waiting to… Continue reading Amsterdam: Day Two.